National Novel Writing Month

It is sick, to be sick during National Novel Writing Month.
Interstitial lung disease: it seems to be a catch-all phrase which states that “we have no idea what is wrong with you, or your lungs, but don’t worry, when we do find out, we’ll be the first to know.”
Seriously. And it’s getting worse. Hopefully, this trend shall reverse itself, and I’ll start getting better. Not quite yet, though – it was bad enough, being ambulatory with a cane, when it was just my knee, and then my knee and back. Now, it’s my knee, back, and lungs. Not to mention the eyes. And sleep? Irregular, at best, barely existent at worst.
It’s no wonder I’ve had a spot of trouble, sitting down to write. At least it’s given me time to rethink perspective on what I’m supposed to be writing, so that should help to ease the pain of actually writing the story that I have in mind.


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